Virtual Tour Help.



Playing Media
.- The Show should start playing automatically. If not, click on one of the elements in the media list and press the "play" button.
.- You can change media at anytime by clicking on the media list, drop-down menu or "forward" and "back" buttons.

Using Panoramas
.- Click and drag the panorama to control its movement, or use the "left", "right", "up", "down" and "stop panorama" buttons.
.- Use the "zoom" buttons to zoom in/out of Immersive panoramas.

Hotspots (In Panoramas)
.- Hotspots are colored targets or rectangles inside the panoramas. Hotspots may be visible or hidden.
.-Click on a hotspot to: move to another scene, play a different media, play an audio or to open a web page.
.- Use the "hotspots" button to reveal or hide the hotspots.

Using Slide-Shows
.-The slide-show should play automatically. To view a slide, you can click on one of the thumbnail images (if present).
.-Some slides can be enlarged by clicking on the "zoom" button

Using Floorplan
.-Move you mouse over the Floorplan/Map area to reveal any hidden links. Click on a link to: change the media being played, open a web page, play an audio or to open a drop-down menu.